Further performance data available for AbC-19™ rapid antibody test

16th February 2021

The UK-RTC, a consortium of UK diagnostic companies including Abingdon Health, CIGA Healthcare, BBI Solutions and Omega Diagnostics, welcomes a pre-print publication, funded by Public Health England (PHE), reviewing performance data on rapid antibody tests, including the AbC-19TM Rapid Test.

The study was performed by scientists at PHE, and the Universities of Bristol, Warwick and Cambridge and examined the performance of four lateral flow rapid antibody tests using the same cohort of samples. Although the study remains subject to peer review, it shows that the AbC-19TM Rapid Test is highly accurate when tested on samples from individuals previously positive for the virus by PCR and from samples collected pre-pandemic.

Professor Chris Molloy, Chair of the UK-RTC said, “This research on the different use cases for lateral flow antibody tests is welcome. The AbC-19TM Rapid Test is an important weapon in the global fight against COVID-19. It allows us to see the neutralising IgG antibodies produced in response to infection, or after vaccination”.

A detailed commentary based on analysis of the pre-print follows:

This article is available as pre-print via medRxiv: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.01.30.21250777v1.full.pdf

*Accuracy shows the overall probability that a patient is correctly classified and is calculated as;

Accuracy = Sensitivity × Prevalence + Specificity × (1 − Prevalence)